Most Reliable Anonymous Messaging Apps

Most Reliable Anonymous Messaging Apps

Many users of the internet today are unaware of how unsafe the internet is. Users’ information, which should have been safe, is accessible to everyone who makes even a slight effort to get it.  One perfect example is how major search engines mine users’ search history. This data is used to generate ads on products related to users most searched keywords.

This breach of privacy by search engines isn't much of an issue anymore but it becomes one when your personal messages are also mined. You do not want that third party intercepting messages meant for someone, hence the need to be careful when choosing a messaging app.

How to Know the Best Anonymous Messaging Apps


To rate a messaging app, you need to look at:

• Its end-to-end encryption on chats, calls and media attachments

• Its availability on operating systems

• How accessible is it? Is it Paid or free?

A List of Our Identified Reliable Anonymous Messaging Apps


By putting in mind the above-listed factors; here is a list of the best anonymous messaging apps.

Telegram: Designed for the tech-savvy users, telegram ensures proper encryption of chats giving just you and the recipient access to it. It is available on the Android and the iOS Operating Systems. You can also customize your options. It is free, fast and secure. However, you have to activate its encryption manually.

Signal: This is a free, simple-to-use app available on the iOS and Android Operating Systems. This app stands out as it has a reliable end-to-end encryption for chats, texts, voice calls, and media attachments.

Wickr me: A free app that has been in existence for some years, Wickr me is designed to encrypt videos and pictures sent using the app. You can send safe and secure messages with its auto self-destruct choice as set by your timer. In addition, you can receive prompt security updates on Wickr me. However, both users must have the apps installed.

Silence: This is another anonymous messaging app for Android users alone. It requires a pass phrase to access its content and does not require you to sign-up or log-in, hence, your details are safe. The downside is its inability to be accessed on iOS. In addition, it does not come with a customization feature.

Silent Phone: This messaging/voice-calling app is a $10 app with end-to-end encryption. It is available on iOS and Android but lacks many features. Silent phone remains one of the most expensive anonymous apps in a world where instant messaging apps are free.

Using these apps, you can sleep easy knowing your messages are safe and secure!


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